How Much Does Modafinil Cost With and Without Insurance?

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Modafinil is typically prescribed to those with narcolepsy and even those who have sleep apnea how are constantly tired during the day. The cost of Modafinil with insurance really depends on the type of insurance you have. You’ll see estimates down below.

But first, let’s take a look at some estimated costs without health insurance at chain pharmacies. These are for generic Modafinil.

PharmacyEstimated Cash Price for 30 200mg Pills

As you can see, Costco is about $1 a pill. So if you have a prescription and don’t have insurance or you do have insurance but they won’t cover it, the best place to buy Modafinil is Costco.

Please keep in mind that these prices will vary depending on which state/city you live in. There can be a difference of $100 at the same chain between different cities.

If you don’t have a Costco near you, the next best place might be Walmart. Yes, they have the 2nd lowest price on the list but they also price match so if you find it for cheaper elsewhere and want it to get it filled at Walmart, show them the price on your phone.

It’s also a good idea to check with the local independent pharmacies in your area. As long as they won’t be taking a loss, they will be glad to beat or match chain pharmacy prices.

Since medication costs can be so expensive, let’s look at a few ways you can save some money if your insurance doesn’t cover your costs.

Other Buying Options Without Insurance

Although we’re mainly talking about Modafinil, the following information can also be used to buy other prescription drugs at a lower cost if you don’t have insurance.

1. Use a Discount Coupon Card

Of the many sites of this kind out there, the best site is Goodrx. You simply put in the name of whatever medication you’re looking for and it will give you the prices of pharmacies in your area and if available, a coupon for you to save money.

Some pharmacies hate these cards. More on that below.

Many times, the coupon price is way, way lower than the cash prices pharmacies sell for so you can save a good amount of money using these coupons. You simply print the coupon out and show it to the cashier at the pharmacy. They’re nothing to sign up for.

2. Look for Generic Brands

Generic versions are cheaper. If you want to get the brand name stuff like Provigil without insurance, you’re looking at over $1000 a month. Yikes! Stick with generic and that goes with most medication from allergy pills to sleeping pills. Just read the active ingredients and if it’s the exact same as the brand name, it’ll pretty much work the same in most cases.

3. Patient Assistance Programs

You can ask your doctor or do a search on Google to see if there are any programs out there that will help pay for your medication. They’ll will have some criteria like making below a certain amoujnt so just read those and see if you qualify.

One good one is Lilly Cares. You can also use Partnership for Prescription Assistance to search for assistance programs in your area. Search for the brand name, Provigil in this case.

4. Get a higher dosage

Instead of 30 pills at 100mg each, 15 pills at 200mg will cost less. You can cut those in half to equal the 30 pills. This is really more for other drugs though since with Modafinil, most people buy 200mg anyway.

5. Free Samples

See if your doctor is willing or able to give you a month of samples for free. The reason for doing this is to show to your insurance company that you reacted well to the drug and because of that, they should cover it. It may or may not work but there’s no harm in asking.

6. Manufacturer’s Coupon

These typically work for name brand drugs. You bring in the coupon, the pharmacy charges you that price and the manufacturer reimburses the pharmacy.

The Bad Thing About Discount Coupon Cards

The first option mentioned above is using a discount coupon card. This will typically save you a good amount of money. So why do some pharmacies hate them? It’s because many times, the pharmacies will take a loss on the sale of the product. Pharmacies also pay a fee of about $5 for being sent that customer.

Of course, that doesn’t really affect you unless you think of the bigger picture where big chain pharmacies attract all the customers because they accept these coupons while the independent pharmacies lose business and shut down.

Here’s one take on prescription discount coupon card companies:

Your information could be sold to advertisers.

Goodrx isn’t the only company so not all of the work the same way. Many of them take your information, like medical history, and sell them to 3rd party companies who then use that information to send targeted ads to you.

Goodrx states that they don’t do this:

GoodRx does not sell your personal medical data.

However, they also state:


We will retain the information we collect from you in our system indefinitely. If you would like information deleted, you may request deletion by emailing us at

They do seem to reserve the right to sell your information in the future even though they say they won’t. Also, if they are bought out or merged with some other company, that can all change. In fact, they merged with Iodine toward the end of 2016.

So unless you really care about that sort of thing, Goodrx coupons are great for saving you money and you can always have them delete your info by emailing them.

How are they able to get such low prices?

Prescription coupon companies like Goodrx work with Pharmacy Benefit Managers like Express Scripts to get discounted prices from pharmacies, usually the big chains.

Even though the pharmacy might take a loss on the medication, in theory, they make it back in sales from the store items customers buy. There’s a reason why the pharmacy section is usually at the back of the store.

If you have to wait 10-15 minutes for your prescription to get filled, you’re likely to walk around the store which increases the chances of you buying something.

This is why some smaller, independent pharmacies don’t like these coupons since all they sell is drugs. Although, some will make contracts with these PBM in hopes of gaining a long term customer and buy being a pharmacy that accepts these coupons, it will drive more traffic to their store.

What if the pharmacy doesn’t take the coupon?

The pharmacies shown on Goodrx’s site are pharmacies that have a contract with them meaning they have agreed to take those coupons.

So if GoodRx shows them on their site, then they have a contract with that particular pharmacy and they’re bound by the contracts to charge the discounted prices. All you have to do is call Goodrx and they’ll talk to the pharmacist. Not all of them are aware of the contract the store they work for has with companies like Goodrx.

Goodrx isn’t the only company that has these coupons but they’re one of the best. Here are a few others as reviewed by Consumer Reports.

The other good one is WeRx. Although, the time of this writing, there site seems be having issues since the message: “Sorry we have encountered an error” keeps coming up every time we do a price search for a drug.


Be aware that it might not go toward your deductibles. If you have healthcare costs and are hoping to meet your deductible out of pocket, plan accordingly.

How Much Is Modafinil With Insurance

If you have insurance that covers Modafinil, then you just have to pay the copay. The amount various depending on what sort of insurance you have.

Goodrx’s website actually gives you the estimated copay cost. You just have to select the insurance you have from their drop down list. Sometimes, the cost will be more than the coupon price while other times, it’s not. It’ll actually tell you whether or not you should use their coupon or just pay the copay.

Depending on your plan, you can pay as little as $10 or as much as several hundred dollars. Typically, the more you pay in premiums, the less your copay will be.

Usually, you can just call up your insurance (phone number should be on your medical insurance card) and ask them what your copay will be and they should be able to tell you exactly how much it is.

So if you have one of those insurance plans where you’re paying like $10 a month, chances are, the coupon prices will be your best option.

PS: This website is in no way associated with Goodrx. We just think they’re doing a service to many people who don’t have medical insurance and need to lower their prescription costs. If you do some research online on them, you may see several discussions on Reddit about them. Most of the concerns brought up are actually answered by a Goodrx employee to help clear things up. There certainly are discount card companies out there that do what many people hope they don’t like give you false prices or sell your information.

Now if the prices even with the coupons are too much for you and your insurance doesn’t cover the cost of Modafinil OR you can’t or don’t want to get a prescription for it, there are, of course, other ways to buy Modafinil.